Rice experience in recent 10 years! See Pan Jun talk about domain name value

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) February 26th hearing, Larry, number or letter domain name, domain name which is the most worthy of investment? What kind of domain name domain name maximum potential? The hearts of investors probably have their weights, although views may not be consistent, but some point is worth learning.

founder Pan Jun cool easou network, is a nearly 10 years of playing meters experience senior domain name investors, in the domain name Forum (dnbbs.com) he shared the wrote in a year ago, a domain name investment article, elaborated the 3/4 letters and digits COM, Shuangpin domain name market, now we see together.


: domain name investment

COM: Larry may at any time you are the last one terminal

Larry domain is always the mainstream team name on the market in recent years, the hot degree of Bukexiaoqu, many chiefs on domain name investment direction, have also recognized the investment value of Larry domain. But Pan Jun although recognized by Larry domain huge opportunity and potential, "a double investment of several million yuan, may be hundreds of thousands of return back."

but he also believes that Larry domain risk, Larry domain although some foreigners will participate in the investment, but only in the circulation of our country, "may you is the last of a terminal, or to double investment need, need to be very careful."

but again, no domain name is risk-free, and there is no need for caution. In the current hot market Shuangpin domain name, domain name can be said to Larry COM is still the domain name is even one of the next few years the most investment value. Larry domain is really just a domestic circulation, but the domestic market is huge, the Internet is now the mainstream industry, concise and easy to remember domain name Larry and down to earth, favorable publicity and many other advantages that many terminals have favored a plus.

, the 58 city not just during the Spring Festival to hundreds of million yuan to buy a "home" and "fast" daojia.com kuaia.com two Larry domain. Terminal acquisitions be too numerous to enumerate Larry domain case, there are a lot of domain name investors are Larry domain of loyal fans, Larry domain unlimited prospects.


: domain name investment

3/4 alphabet COM: the world is holding

in terms of letter domains, Pan Jun that 3 letter domain name undervalued, "3 letters, a total of 17576, remove iouvea, a total of 8000.". Market price 3-10W, the global are holding, the opportunity is still more." And in order to compare the quality of the WZ, TJ beginning, ZX and kJ end of the 4 letter domain name is in the "thousands – million yuan" range, depending on the product phase, the terminal price is still very attractive". >

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